Eastern Elevators home lifts enable you to stay in your own home
Eastern Elevators have been manufacturing lifts for around 40 years. When you choose an Eastern home lift you get the benefits of our expertise.
We can advise you on the right lift to suit your specific requirements.

With a range of quality, reliable lifts to fit all budgets, Eastern Elevators is your vertical transport specialist.

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Eastern Elevators guaranteed service 24/7
Eastern Elevators guarantee service 24/7Eastern Elevators offers preventive maintenance contracts for all our Eastern Elevators installations.

Our qualified technicians conduct comprehensive checks to ensure your lifts are always in peak condition. We manufacture lifts so we know how to maintain them …

Equipped with the right replacement parts and first-hand knowledge, Eastern maintenance personnel ensure the smooth operation of your lifts and escalators.

For maintenance enquiries contact

Maintain your lifestyle in your own home with an Eastern Elevator home lift (also described as the Eastern Elevator mini lift). Quiet and with accurate floor levelling, this fully automatic lift is designed according to Australian Standards, and the Building Code of Australia, and is roomy enough to accommodate a wheelchair.

Features of the Eastern Elevators mini lift
Eastern Elevators home lifts are packed with standard and optional features so that you can have a lift that is ideally suited to your needs.

General features
Speed: 0.3 m/s to 1 m/s*
Load: 272-476 kg
Capacity: 4-7 passengers @ 68kg/passenger
Finish: Stainless steel finish standard, other options available
Landing buttons with key switches
Stainless steel two-speed power operated side opening, landing and car doors

Safety features
Light curtain on car door (safety edge)
Hands-free emergency phone in car

Environmental credentials
The VVVF motor control with counterweight results in 50% less power consumption than other lifts of this type.

Optional features
Non-standard cabin finishes
Automatic return to lowest floor, with battery backup, if power outage occurs
Automatic switch-off of car lights when not in use

Download specifications:
Eastern Compact® MRL Lift - Home Lift / Mini Lift - (4-7 passenger)

* Drop the speed and the Eastern home lift complies with AS 1735-16 & 18; increase the speed and the lift complies with AS 1735-2 for commercial lifts. All Eastern home lifts are compliant with AS 1735-12 for the disabled.

Installing an Eastern home lifts
Eastern home lifts are delivered fully assembled to your home to save time on the job. With a pit depth of only 900 mm, no pit ladder is required. Reduced headroom to 3.1 m.

For lift quotes contact Eastern Elevators on (02) 9567 3744
Prices vary according to logistics, finishes, optional features and the speed you select. Contact our Sales Department on (02) 9567 3744 for a quote.