Lift specialists

Eastern Elevators pioneered the machine room-less (MRL) lift - the most popular choice in today's lift market.
We are the only lift company that manufactures in Australia and are uniquely placed to provide custom lifts to your specific requirements.

Home lifts

Maintain your lifestyle in your own home with an Eastern Elevator home lift or mini lift. This fully automatic lift is designed according to Australian Standards and is roomy enough to accommodate a wheelchair.

A choice of finishes is available. And, lifts are delivered fully assembled to your home.

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Eastern Elevators have been in the business of moving people for 40 years. We offer quality, reliable Australian-designed and manufactured lifts. And, have earned a reputation as one of Australia’s leading suppliers of specialised lift systems.

At Eastern Elevators we design, install and provide 24/7 service on transport systems for a range of building types.

Our products are found in many well-known buildings throughout Australia, including premium commercial office buildings, hospitals, shopping centres and residential apartments. Our product range includes passenger lifts, panoramic lifts, bed lifts and freight lifts.

With a manufacturing facility in Rockdale, Sydney, we are uniquely placed to provide custom lifts that are made right here in Australia to suit your specific architectural and design requirements.

We specialise in glass lifts, home lifts, bed lifts and corner cars.

Eastern Worldwide
Adapting to the contemporary global lift market, Eastern Elevators established a manufacturing operation in China in 2002. Chongqing Eastern Elevator Ltd is a joint-venture initiative.

The Chinese operations manufacture elevators according to the Australian design for the permanent magnet synchronous system for the machine room-less (MRL) elevator.

More than 10,000 Eastern Elevators have been installed around the world, adding to around 2,500 in Australia alone.

Eastern Elevators offers a range of quality lifts to fit your budget

Eastern Elevators manufactures quality lifts and escalators for residential and commercial buildings from private homes to low-rise and high-rise developments. Move with Eastern's silky smooth, passenger-friendly systems.

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